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Home services companies offer a bundle of services. The globally growing business is now a vast industry, and getting quality customers is challenging. Competitors are updating their business and gaining clients.

As a home services owner, you have to overcome the competitors. It is possible but requires skills, tricks, and hard work. It is a traditional way to offer packages for home services and black Friday deals and discounts, but you have to focus on some other aspects which the core of your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in gaining leads, but some features are necessary to improve digital marketing. Your competitors are also on digital marketing. You have to be more accurate while doing digital marketing.

One of the basics of digital marketing is SEO. Home services SEO is the way that will lead you to success. How to manage home services SEO? How its work? We will discuss it in this fruitful article.

What is SEO for a Home Service Business?

Before going to what is meant by Home services SEO, let’s look at precisely SEO.

It is a process and technique of improving your home services website to increase its visibility. Your home services website appears on top when people search for your services. SEO focus on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. The primary purpose of home services SEO is to attract the searchers’ attention to home services-related topics and make them your customers.

Home services SEO required only skill and experience. You can do it by paying a small amount, but it is less costly than paid Google Ads. Business like home services needs lead generation, and in digital marketing, SEO is the only element that brings leads.

Home services is a business which runs on locations based. You will have customers within your business premises. Then local SEO came to make your home services website visible to your local customers. Local SEO for home services means applying all the rules and tricks of SEO but focusing on local searches results. Its means you have to mention your country and city where your home services operate.

Home services local SEO is the best element for bringing traffic to your website and conversion. Apply the local SEO within your website content and ads to attract your business’s targeted clients.

Now let’s move to how to do home services SEO. Below are some of the essential and pivotal SEO features beneficial for your home services business.

1. Keywords for Home Services SEO

Keywords are the basics of SEO. It improves your home services website ranking. Keywords are just a few words or phrase that appears to be one of the leading element of SEO.

Do your research for niche-related keywords. Try to figure out what type of words people used for searching specific home services.

You can use the Google Keywords Planner tool for free provided by Google for keywords research. It would be best if you researched people’s intent. After getting a list of keywords, add them to your website content. After getting a list of keywords, add them to your website content. Keep in mind do not overload keywords. Your content is for people, not for ranking high. You have to make balance during keyword inserting. Add keywords in the content as it looks natural. Include keywords in header tags, alt tags, and Meta tags. While adding photos, make sure you add the keyword in the caption.

Keywords are people’s intent of the search. If you use the right keywords, you will get the top position on Google search pages. Its means more exposure and traffic.

2. Home Services Link Building

Link building is a technique in which someone mentions your website on their domain with an underlined hyperlink. When somebody clicks on it, it goes to your website, and you win a click. When somebody links your website its means, they give you value. Your backlink is the trust of others in you. When others tell you that they offer the best in the industry, search engines positively assume that you are doing best in a related niche. Link building also brings quality and targeted customers to your website and improves the SEO of your home services.

If you want to do link building for your home services website, keep a few noteworthy things in mind:

  1. Get the authority link. Its means the website from which you gain backlinks has authority. You need a high-domain authority website.
  2. Always get link-building opportunities from niche-related websites.
  3. Consult your backlinks provider and tell them to put your backlinks that look natural.

You can check who is linking to you. There are some paid tools like ahrefs and SEMrush. There you can also stem from where your competitors take backlinks.

3. Home Services Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a category of SEO, which includes optimization of the infrastructure of your home services website for quickly crawling and indexing. Here are some of the pivotal elements of technical SEO, which are beneficial for home services SEO.

4. Headings (H1, H2, H3)

Headings are the bold and large words of your website content that visitors can effortlessly scan. It helps search engines to understand your website content. Adding keywords to your content headings is the best strategy to attract readers to visit your website. Make sure you follow the sequence of headings.

5. URL Structure

If it is possible, add the keyword to your website URL. However, you do not need to change the keywords of your current or indexed URLs. Consult an SEO professional before changing URLs.

6. Webpage Load Speed

Google crawls those websites more when they load quickly than slow ones. Loading a website also helps the user to gain the required information quickly. Optimization of the webpage is best for home services SEO to rank high on Google. If your website takes time to load, it will increase your bounce rate.

7. Optimization for Mobile Users

Smartphones are taking the place of laptops and PCs in terms of search. Mobile users are growing fast. People search more than 60% on mobile phones. It also affects ranking.

Optimize your website for mobiles. If your home services website is not optimized for mobiles, you will lose a considerable amount of searches and ranking.

Make your website responsive. It means your website runs efficiently on any device. Make sure your website loads quickly on mobile phones. Resize your website images. Make it possible for mobile users to search quickly and easily your website. A mobile-friendly website is one that content is visible to users. Responsive websites are an essential element for home services SEO.

8. Google My Business Optimization

Google My business is a platform that will show your business in search results. Google lists your business and manages and visible it to targeted visitors searching for home services. You need to provide the basic information about your business, and you will gain a Google My Business account.

Your competitors will use Google My business too. There you will face competition to rank high on Google. To rank your business on Google My business and win the round from your competitors, you need to optimize your account.

Optimization of Google My Business focuses on the following three features.

9. Category Tags Optimization

During creating an account, Google requires 3-5 category tags. You have to add the category list according to home services. Help Google what is precisely your business. Google changes the category list from time to time. You need to check it out regularly and ensure your position is under the home services niche.

10. Hours of Operation Optimization

List your hour of operation at Google My business. Modify holidays hours or specific days and times when you are closed. Make a cycle annually and modify your hours according to your business. Hour of operation is necessary for Google My business and mention it on your home survives website and social media links.

11. Photos Optimization at Google My Business

Add an optimized and updated photo to your Google My Business. Photos are the prime thing that is shown to visitors. You will get a click when you upload an eye-catching and relevant photo.

Users have the opportunity to upload photos to your listing. Encourage them to put pictures within the review. It’s up to them, but you have to optimize your images. Make sure your uploaded photo size is not more than 90kb and not blurred. Add keywords to the photo name, description, and tags. Try to update the photo every month.

Looking to Increase Your Revenue Today?

Home services SEO is not magic. It requires expertise and skills. It will take time, but it is an effective way to get quality leads. SEO seems complicated as a home services provider, but every website uses search engine optimization.

Google has a complex algorithm. For example, if a person searches for “currency change,” Google knows currency can be “exchange,” not change. Google analyzes more than two hundred factors about a website. You have to cover all the aspects Google needs for crawling your home services website. You have to help Google to search for a thing. Improvement in-home services SEO is to stay updated from Google algorithm and apply accordingly to your website.

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