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Website Copywriting Services by JetRank

Content Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of getting in front of your target market, getting the right website copywriting services is imperative to your success. The potential benefit when compared to the cost makes content marketing very appealing to most businesses. Content is the back bone of all Search Engine Optimization. Producing content on a regular basis will get your website indexed by search engines and allow your website to rank for more keywords. We offer website copywriting services that start at $100/page. That includes a full page of content, design, and on page SEO.

The Truth About Copywriting

Writing content for your website is a daunting task. It requires the right research and competitor analysis to be able to determine what exactly the searcher is looking for when they type in that key phrase into google. If you are not consistently generating content for your website you will be falling behind your competitors who are. Content is one of googles biggest ranking factors.

Website Copywriting Pricing

The cost of copywriting starts at $100/page. That will include content, design, and on page search engine optimization. If done right, consistent copywriting will generate more revenue that the cost. That is the ultimate goal of any marketing technique. And please consider the fact that once the copy is written it belongs to you and will remain on the web for as long as you want it to. Well written website copy is a significant investment in your business. Our copywriting services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Content
  • Design of Page
  • Strategic use of keywords
  • On Page Optimization

Our content will be written as if we were speaking directly with your target market. We understand the value of well written copy and its effectiveness when done right. The tonality of the content will be written specifically for your ideal client.

How Often Should I Produce Content?

Content is one of the most important ranking signals for search algorithms. Regular content is highly recommended, but how often do you need to produce content to reach your goals?

Well for one it’s recommended that you speak to one of our consultants to develop the right content marketing strategy for your business, but as a ball park figure we recommend you produce at least two very well written, long, pieces of content per month. The more the better.


How Long Should Each Piece of Copy Be?

The length of the page that you intent to rank on google will be a huge factor in how high it ranks on google as well as how many keywords it ranks for.

It’s been shown by many well known Search Engine Optimizers that the number on position on google typically has the most content.

One way to determine how long your content should be is by typing into google the key phrase you wish to rank for and using a tool to figure out how many words the top ranking page has. Then simply write more words than the page that is ranking in the first position on google.

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Roger Avila
Roger Avila

Roger is an SEO manager at JetRank

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