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In today’s article I’ll be going over the best ways to get more Google Reviews. Google reviews are valuable for multiple reasons. Aside from building trust with your potential clients, getting more reviews on google also increases the chances of ranking higher for hyper local keywords.

Before you get any get any reviews on google you need 2 things:

  1. A Google business listing
  2. A link that goes to your business listing that you can send to your clients


So here are the top ways to get more google reviews.

1. Ask for them

Simply asking for more google reviews can’t be overlooked. It would be beneficial to come up with some sort of script. Keep it casual, of course.

Try to catch clients that just had a good experience. If you over-deliver on your work, which I’m sure you do every day, ask your client leave you a positive review. Here’s a script I’d use:

“I’m glad you enjoyed the (service)! I’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to review my business account on google. It really helps build trust with locals that don’t know about my services. I can email or text you a link for a review, which would you prefer?”

I’m sure you can add your own taste to that script, but the goal is to make it easy for them to leave a review.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a great experience and thought about leaving a review to share my experience but just never get to it. If someone would send me a link it would definitely increase the chances of me leaving a review!

2. Text message/Email clients a link to your Google Business Listing


Similar to what I mentioned above, but this strategy is different. This would apply to businesses that have higher volume clients, or businesses that don’t have too much time to ask every client to leave a review (it can get tiring after a while).

The best way to do this would be to text/email right after they left your business, so they can better express their experience, but I know this can be hard for most business owners. If that’s not an option you can time block a certain time of the day where you can email the links all of the clients you had that day.

3. Ask Past Clients To Leave A Review

The most valuable asset of any business is its list of past clients. We’ve all worked so hard to gain each client that we serve, so why not tap into that asset? Ideally, you would have a list of emails, but phone numbers and Facebook messaging works too.

The process is simple here, make up a script and send It out to your past clients. Here’s an example of a script I would use (this script would vary depending on the industry):


I hope everything is well. I’m reaching out to thank you for being a client to “Name of your business”. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my clients.

Can I ask you for a favor? If you have a minute, I would appreciate it if you can write a review about our services on google (link). Having more reviews helps build trust with future clients and increases my exposure on google.

Thank you,


Keep it short and sweet, most people are busy so if you can get straight to the point I’m sure they’d appreciate that.

4. Add A Link On Your Website That Goes Straight To Your Google Business Listing

So you’re already doing everything I mentioned above and you still want more reviews. That’s good, I like the enthusiasm!

To add a few more google reviews you can add a link on your website that would take them straight to the google reviews page of your business. Try to get creative where you place this link. I would recommend placing the link in the footer next you all of your social icons.



At the end of the day, it all comes back to one thing. Providing amazing service that makes people want to leave you a good review! Explicitly asking for reviews is just a reminder, it’s up to you to provide the kind of service that people want to talk about.

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Roger Avila
Roger Avila

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