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Traditional marketing strategies tend to be perceived as invasive and aggressive at some point, so people now have negative reactions to it without even knowing what it is. But what if brands and businesses, instead of pursuing the clients and pushing their products to them, design attractive content that pulls the audience in? This is where content marketing services come into play.

Also known as inbound marketing, it’s the first step to follow in any good and competitive marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing strategies that give a message to the audience for them to reach and get to know the business, content marketing consists of creating the right content that will be available for the audience whenever they’re actively looking for it. It’s a marketing strategy that resolves completely around the clients and their needs.

Content marketing is all about building solid relationships with the audience to convert them into clients. Over the past few years with the constant changes in customer shopping behavior – 35 percent of the marketers report conducting customer research -, content marketing has proven more and more efficient.

Nowadays, investing in an inbound marketing strategy is practically a must to grow your business. Whether you use it online, offline, or in both worlds, the right content marketing strategy will not only help you generate brand awareness to drive more sales for your company, but it will make your customer relationship service much better, thus generating trust within your audience and increasing your conversion rate. Thanks to content marketing the conversion rate has increased almost 6 times in comparison to other traditional methods.

Our Content Marketing Process

Our content marketing services are divided into different stages to create an organized process that can guarantee the best results. We start by creating a detailed plan to fulfill your goals. You have to analyze your audience and fully understand their search intent to set and define the keywords that you’ll be implementing through your marketing campaign. This, mixed with a previous benchmark on your main competitors will give you a wide idea of the goals that you can aim for.

Content Mapping

We use content mapping as a tool in the strategy that helps us plan which is going to be the right content to create so that it is more personalized and specific for what your target audience wants. It helps us get everything organized and define how it’s going to be structured on your website.

In order to map the right content, we can help you identify your buyer personas – all your different types of consumers along with their demographic and psychographic characteristics -, their shopping behavior towards your products, and their search intent. This step is extremely important for your content marketing strategy because the different buyer personas that your brand has will define the content style you need to create and how you’re going to promote it.

The second part of content mapping that will lead you to the accurate content creation is to analyze your customer’s journey. This is the ideal process that every customer goes through when acquiring a product or service with you. Once you know deeply your buyer personas, then you can understand their journey and therefore be able to tell in which part of this process they search for the content and how.

Content mapping is all about analyzing and getting to know your customers. You have a certain customer profile, so you design certain content for a certain moment in their journey map. Once this is completely defined, then we can start building a strategy and move on to the next steps of the process.

We like to dig as deep as possible in these areas to assure a successful inbound marketing campaign through our website copywriting services.

Content Creation

This is an essential part of content marketing. Along with a team of strategists, writers, editors, designers, and analysts you start creating the content based on the strategy that was set above. Before we begin creating the contents, we make sure that all of our team members are on the same page and are completely informed and aware of what the project is about and the goals to be met through the content marketing strategy.

Before creating the content we have to analyze which channels and platforms are the best to reach your niche of customers. This is where you can surpass your competitors by having the most innovative content that speaks directly to your buyer personas.

We create content based on big and small data about your client profiles. This way, when they get to the content, your brand will be telling them stories, informing, and educating them without them feeling invaded.

Content Optimization

This is when we make your content the most attractive, we fix all the little details that are left and improve it so that you can get the most out of it and have a successful SEO (search engine optimization)

When optimizing the content, we give it a well-organized structure that will guide the clients to where you want them to be by providing clear and attractive call-to-actions. We make sure that everything that you’ll post comes with the right tags and keywords to be ready for when your niche looks for it.

Content Promotion

With the quick technology development in the last few years, new marketing and promotion channels have opened up for brands and businesses to explode. Nowadays, people are connected 24/7 and spend an average of 144 minutes per day on social media. We create your content marketing for both, your website and social media channels

Over 64 percent of business to consumer companies have increased their online audiovisual and written content in the past year because of the growth that these channels have had over the last decade. This is why having a well-structured website and social media are a must when promoting your content marketing campaign.

Content Measuring and Reporting

We know that with every investment you expect to be able to measure the results. Since the beginning, we set KPIs (key performance indicators) that will help us measure the campaign’s progress as they change. With this and different tools, we do monthly reports along with competitor analysis to be able to measure the success of your content marketing strategy.

Why invest in content marketing services?

Now that we’ve explained and detailed the process of our content marketing services, let’s go through all the benefits that you can get out of your inbound marketing strategy that will make you understand entirely why it is the best option for your company.

Grow Business

The ultimate goal when investing in a content marketing strategy is to grow your business. When you create new and fresh content for your audience, naturally you’re going to engage with them and improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

Part of our content marketing services is to make sure that your message gets to your audience and resonates in their minds. We personalize the content that will define you so that your same clients help you grow your business when engaging with your media.

Build Brand

Content marketing is based a lot on communication and engagement Using it will not only be beneficial for growing your business, but, doing it right, will also help you build your brand idea and plant it in your audience’s mind.

When creating the content for your strategy it’s important to follow a line of communication that reflects clearly your brand’s values and concept. This way your audience will retain all your quality content and it will stay in the back of their minds forever. They’ll be able to remember you even in the distant future and connect with your products through the way you communicated with them on your campaigns.

Boost Sales

Through content marketing, you will be able to communicate with your audience during all the stages of their buying process. This means that at the start of their journey when they first get to know your brand, they won’t be buying, but with the content you create for that stage you’ll be able to drive them to the next one which is the consideration phase. This is the make or break part of your relationship with potential customers. If they see attractive content that speaks directly to them and indirectly tells them why they need the product or service they’ll move onto the final stage, the decision making.

A well-designed inbound marketing strategy will keep in touch with your audience during all of these stages of their journey, therefore keeping them interested from the beginning so that in the end they’re convinced that what you’re offering is what they need and that it’s better than the competition.

By choosing an inbound marketing strategy instead of an outbound one, you’ll be having a 14.6 percent conversion rate versus the typical 1.7 percent conversion rate that you get with other traditional strategies have.

Engage your Target Market

Like we’ve mentioned before, content marketing is all about communication and building relationships with your clients. By using this marketing strategy, you’ll be able to decide what you’re talking about with your audience and have total control of the conversation. This way you’ll have them engaged and entertained at all times and through all the touchpoints of their customer journey.

Reach More Customers

A content marketing strategy will increase your business’s visibility because it isn’t going to be the typical advertisement that everyone immediately skips without thinking it twice. When you post valuable and relevant content, people are going to look for more, thus spending more time on your website and your social media. You’ll start earning followers and people themself will be promoting you among their social circles, so from the beginning, you will be able to reach more customers than you could have imagined.

Become Top of Mind in your Industry

Through content marketing your not only talking about your products or services with your customers, you’re talking about yourself, getting them to know you, and most importantly, getting them to like you. Inbound marketing goes beyond what you sell, you have to be subtle and talk about the things that make you attractive. We exploit all of your brand differentiators and incorporate them into the content in a simple yet significant, recognizable, inspiring, and meaningful way.

This type of content creation builds into your consumer’s mind and emotions. Whenever they think of the products that you sell, they won’t care if they can get them elsewhere, you’ll be the first on their list because of the personalized content that you used to communicate with them. They’ll come to you instead of going to your competitors because of the emotional benefit that you offer and because of the connection they made with you when learning about you.

Maximize ROI

It may seem that content marketing takes up a lot of money without getting it back. Every marketing strategy that you do will be a tool to support your sales, therefore getting back your investment this way. But with a successful content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to maximize this (ROI)return of investment

Unlike other traditional outbound marketing strategies, this inbound way of promoting your brand is always active, we make sure that the content never stops updating and is always promoting your business in a way that you can maximize your ROI.

It takes time to create a well-structured strategy, but once you launch it and see the results, moneywise and in the reaction of your audience, you won’t want to ever go back to traditional marketing.

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