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Today, I’ll be going over the top real estate SEO keywords to help you rank your website on google and start getting leads.

First, I’ll go over the biggest problem that real estate agents face when it comes to ranking their websites on google.

Second, I’ll be going over the solution and, of coarse, the top real estate SEO keywords.

Real Estate SEO is highly Competitive

Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries to rank a website on google because of huge competitors like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor, and Loopnet.

In most Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) these huge competitors take over the ENTIRE first page.

For Example is you search for San Diego Homes for Sale these are the results you get:


Notice that above the fold only 1 organic listing shows up, Zillow. Surprised? I didn’t think so. It would require too many resources to rank number one for the keyword “San Diego Homes For Sale”.

So what about the rest of the SERP?

Here are results 2-8 for the key phrase “San Diego Homes for Sale”:


Notice how competitive it is. All of these results are high quality, brand name, IDX websites.

These websites have built they’re brand over the years.

Their User Experience is extremely responsive, and they’re websites are designed to keep the user entertained for prolonged periods of time.

So how do you compete with any of these massive, branded, websites? It’s simple, you don’t

How to Get Results for Your Real Estate SEO in a Competitive Market

In order to get high quality targeted traffic you have to go for long tail real estate seo keywords that are too specific for the big players (Zillow) to go after.

So what keywords can you go after?

Well I put together an extremely long list of long tail keywords you can go after with your blog.

All you have to do is optimize your blog for these keywords.

Top Real Estate SEO Keywords (Long tail)

  1. multi family homes for sale in + “city”
  2. beachfront homes for sale in + “city”
  3. single story homes for sale in +”city”
  4. homes for sale “specific community” “city”
  5. foreclosed homes in “city” for sale
  6. foreclosed homes for sale in “city”
  7. “specific community” + “city” homes for sale
  8. modular homes for sale “city”
  9. manufactured homes for sale “city”
  10. victorian homes for sale “city”
  11. homes for sale in “city” country estates
  12. foreclosure homes for sale in “city”
  13. “city” country estates homes for sale
  14. “city” homes for sale near beach
  15. trailer homes for sale in “city”
  16. “city” waterfront homes for sale
  17. craftsman homes for sale in “city”
  18. historic homes for sale “city”
  19. beach homes for sale in “city”
  20. downtown “city” homes for sale
  21. cheap homes for sale “city”
  22. mid century modern homes for sale “city”
  23. “city” vacation homes for sale
  24. “community” “city” condos for sale
  25. beach condos for sale in san diego
  26. condos for sale “city” county
  27. beachfront condos for sale in “city”
  28. condos for sale “community” san diego
  29. oceanfront condos for sale in “city”
  30. high rise condos for sale in “city”
  31. “city” waterfront condos for sale
  32. cheap condos for sale in “city”
  33. “city” condos for sale on the beach
  34. “city” beach condos for sale
  35. condos for sale in “city” downtown
  36. log homes for sale “city”
  37. cape cod homes for sale “city”
  38. art deco homes for sale “city”
  39. craftsman homes for sale “city”
  40. contemporary homes for sale “city”
  41. colonial homes for sale “city”
  42. dutch colonial homes for sale “city”
  43. Georgian colonial  homes for sale “city”
  44. federal colonial homes for sale “city”
  45. mid-century modern homes for sale “city”
  46. french provincial homes for sale “city”
  47. Greek Revival homes for sale “city”
  48. Italianate homes for sale “city”
  49. Mediterranean homes for sale “city”
  50. Modern homes for sale “city”
  51. Neoclassical homes for sale “city”
  52. Prairie homes for sale “city”
  53. Pueblo revival homes for sale “city”
  54. Ranch homes for sale “city”
  55. Townhouse homes for sale “city”
  56. Tudor homes for sale “city”
  57. Spanish Homes for sale “city”
  58. Victorian homes for sale “city”
  59. Cottage homes for sale “city”
  60. farmhouse homes for sale “city”
  61. Oriental homes for sale “city”
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