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SEO for Medical Practices

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Our phones, tablets and laptops take up a majority of our daily attention. Even more so for the younger generations.

These devices are always within reach and we use them for everything that we can; specially when looking for services.

So if the a vast majority of the market is searching for the services they need on the internet, it’d be great if we can get in front of them when they need our service right?

Well, that’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Comes into play.

What is SEO?

For those who aren’t sure what SEO is, don’t worry, it’s a pretty new marketing technique. Search engines like google haven’t been around for too long.

SEO is the process of ranking a website higher on search engines for desired search terms.

For Example, if someone is looking for a “Dentist in San Diego”. They would type that into google right?

Well Google displays the most relevant websites first and the least relevant websites last.

Do I need SEO?

Most healthcare professionals are very busy and think they do not need SEO. While that is understandable, it’s also important to think that your business may not stay busy year around, forever.

SEO can get your health care business the stability it needs. It can bring in a consistent amount of clients to your business. Clients that would have otherwise gone with your competitor.

SEO is ideal for healthcare business owners interested in growing their business.

SEO Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Next, I’ll be going over a few tips to help you create and fully visualize your unique SEO strategy.

Understand Your Target Market

Before you begin any work it’s crucial that you have a picture perfect idea of who your target market is.

Make sure you write down their Age, Income, Interests, Ethnicity, basically everything you can think of to narrow it down as far as possible.

Find Keywords With Solid Search Volume

This is where it gets technical. I won’t be able to go into extreme detail here but the main point is that you want to find keywords that your potential clients would type into search engines to find your service.

A general rule of thumb is that you want to rank on the first page for search terms such as “Your Service + Your City”.

So, if you are a dentist in San Diego you should be ranking on page one for Dentist San Diego.


Identify and Analyze the Competition

This is another technical step, but it cannot be skipped. Once you know the keywords you would like to rank for take those keywords and search them. Look at the first five websites that show up.

Analyze the Design of the website. Is the design and user experience better than yours?

Analyze the number of words on the page that is ranking, and also the number of backlinks going to that page. Lastly, analyze the on-page optimization.

Write Content

Once you’ve done all of that begin writing content for the keywords you wish to rank for.

If you intend to rank on the first page, position one, you have to make sure your content and overall website’s user experience is better than you competitors. If not, you will have a hard time ranking.


I hope you’ve taken something useful from these quick tips. SEO is not easy, but it is very rewarding. It can bring in a consistent amount of leads.

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Roger Avila
Roger Avila

Roger is an SEO manager at JetRank

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