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Tips To Get Landscaping Leads That Convert

Landscaping is an art that has been in implementation through centuries. Yet, it is no easy feat to conquer. Because even if a landscaping business is competent, that business is still likely to be unsuccessful if it fails to get its customers to find it and then convince them of its credibility.

Customers run the business. They search for businesses, compare them, their services, and see if they match their needs and budget.

With unmitigated competition ready to win customers, being on your top game is essential. Exceptional landscaping marketing is needed—and it has to be effective enough to be seen and compel.

This marketing is the bringer of leads for Landscaping businesses and their conversion. Leads are the prospective customers interested in the services of a company, and with the right tactic (conversion method), these landscaping leads could turn into consumers.

To get prospective clients to find a business, landscaping leads need to be generated. There are many ways to get this done- Methods that are affordable and easy.

However, businesses often suffer at the hands of inexperienced agencies that promise them a good lead generation which never turns out to be worth the money. Or, often, costly marketing agencies that keep their promise but place a gaping hole in the earnings of an aspiring landscaping business, forcing them to curb their resources and gradually their gates on the customers.

There is no right guide to marketing. Finding Landscaping leads is an ongoing process. The process has been made more approachable due to the availability of digital markets. So, now leads can be (and are) generated both online and directly.

So, if you’ve been wondering about what you need for your successful landscape campaign or something along the lines of there being any viable methods out there that you could use for landscaping leads generation without the involvement of an agency—then look no further.

Here, we’ve catered the best landscape lead generating strategies used by experts for you to use and apply so that you can develop the market of your own business at a low cost. And, most importantly, this article will allow you to know, find and cut out any bad leads in your strategy with a structured setup.

1. Know Your Landscaping Clients for Lead Generation

The primary and most essential step to generating leads is knowing your clients. Your prospective clients are those who would generally be engaged in your business. These clients need to be able to find you to become a potential lead for your landscaping business.
This is why knowing your clients will allow you to identify what your potential customers want and where they majorly reside. With this understanding, you can narrow in your now-customized marketing tactics in those particular places for a better focused and effective response.

2. Business Strategies for Generation of Landscaping Leads

Marketing tactics have always been a series of trial and error. There are a few strategies that have surpassed time. Now that we know who our clients are, what they want, and where they are, it’s time to use the non-virtual direct strategies to get landscaping leads.

Build a professional presence

Create an attractive logo with a catchy tagline in colors that either draw attention or represent the nature of the landscaping services in aesthetic subsets. Find a professional to get this done for you. This will represent your business wherever you go and cast your first impression—so it’s crucial to have it made custom for your target audience. You can also use this logo on your vehicles, the official working code, and your equipment. This way, if anyone sees your worker working next time, they will know that XYZ firm is a landscaping company. They would have seen you in action, and it would be easier for them to trust you and find you.

Using related businesses clientele

This is a well-adapted method. Goods and services have complements— not the one where they praise us, and we boast. These complements are services that go together or businesses that may be targeting the same clients. For example, consider a construction business and a real estate agent— they both have interest in similar targeted individuals, people who want to buy land to build.

Let’s talk about a landscape business instead. You can find your potential leads by collaborating with companies that provide services such as gardening, pesticide, and even firms that specialize in helping people move. Because if somebody is moving in, they may likely want changes in their homes, and if lucky, then in their lawns. And, that’s your cue! A lead to your landscaping business.

Market before the Peak

In their peak hours, which depends on the location of the business, the chances of lead generation for your landscaping services and its conversion are at their highest. This is why you should use natural approaches such as emails, posters, offers, and cards to remind the market of your services. This way, you are bound to get more rush for your business.

Repeat it till You’ve beaten it

Advertisers have a rule called the seven times factor. This rule says that a potential buyer needs to see the business, its pitch at least seven times to buy. How many tries do you think it’ll take them for you to take notice? Getting potential clients to engage requires smart investment. Like we’ve suggested, using professional logos on your workers, branding your vehicles, or a commonly seen vehicle like the community bus would allow your business to stay in the mind of your target consumers even when you’re not there. They’ll remember to call you when they need you. It will be a natural nudge to the buyer in your direction as your landscaping needs rather than your competition.

3. Online Methods

As we’ve said, societal requirements have changed. Today’s businesses must have a strong online presence with their corporal presence.

4. Business Website

Websites are a must when it comes to online marketing. 95% of the target market now uses websites to gauge, understand and contact a business. But for your landscaping website to generate landscaping leads, the website needs to be SEO optimized.

These are the use of keywords in your website that your potential customer writes to search for businesses providing the services they want. For example, a landscaping business would have a lawn, landscape as possible keywords. These are words that indicate to the search engine that your website is relevant to the search. The more you write “Landscaping leads,” the appropriate the Engine (such as Google) finds it, the higher your business will rank and the easier it will be for you to get leads.


Your website must communicate all the needed details in an understandable, attractive, and precise format for your landscaping business. It must mention the brand name of your landscaping business, details of how it came to be, what you offer as a business to the customers, and your contact information, in case they are interested.
It must also be presented in a credible style for the online lead interested in your landscaping services to believe you and consider your services authentic and valuable. This brings us to our third point.


The purpose of a website is to let online interested users find your landscaping business, read your profile and be impressed enough to want your services. For this, your content needs to be credible, up to date and written in a way that calls your reader to action.
If your business content isn’t persuasive enough, then the chances are that the reader will walk away. So make sure to either use a one-time professional help to enhance the power and impact of your content. Also, lead your readers naturally to the idea of availing your landscaping service. Keep giving them options to contact you all over the website. Make it look lucrative with extra offers.

5. Create a Google Account

This is where you could start and update the listing of your landscape business. If you’ve ever seen a company pop up at the right side of your screen in Google, it’s because they have registered to a Google business account.

This account will help you generate landscaping leads but only if it has been kept up to date. So if you move, make sure to change these details. You’ll also get reviews here, which are a starred indicator— by Google— and by us to show your credibility to your market.

So, always make sure to send in an indirect (because it’s against Google’s policy) request to review your services, send in a link to make it easier so others can rely on the authenticity of your presence.


There you have it; an essential Landscaping Leads generation guide reinforced by years of practice to put into your own use. People call knowledge power for a reason. Now you know what goes into lead generation, and you can construct your own marketing strategies by following our guidance, set yourself straight to finding good leads, and getting a loyal customer base. It won’t happen if you sit around. So, it’s time you get to work.

But if you cannot generate landscaping leads for your business, JetRank is a digital marketing agency that can help you provide valuable strategies for generating potential leads that convert. Contact us now to get this service from our experts or request a quote today!

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